Welcome to the website for writer and editor Lee Martindale & HarpHaven Publishing. You’ll find information about Lee, her work, and assorted forms of mischief she gets into. You’ll also find information about HarpHaven Publishing, including the catalog and where to find the listed offerings.

What’s New

The 2019 appearance schedule has been posted on the “Conventions and Other Mischief” page. Revisions are made as additions are confirmed, so check back for the latest.

Preparations are underway for the first convention of the year: AnachroCon, in Atlanta, a delightful time travel/Steampunk/alternate history gathering. This year’s theme is Time Travelers’ Ball. You’ll find my programming schedule (subject to change, of course) on the Bard’s Fire blog.

HarpHaven Merchanter’s Free Shipping Special on all orders continues. Use the handy link at the top of the screen, or go to http://www.harphaven.net/dir/