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A traditional bard tells two categories of tales: those of his or her own crafting and those learned from other bards, both contemporary and those who have come before. I keep that tradition by being both a writer and an editor.

Most writers will tell you they've been writing most of their lives, and I'm no exception. If it hadn't been for that tornado in 1974, I'd probably still be hiding a pencil-on-lined-notebook-paper romance manuscript I wrote in junior high. I began writing for other people's consumption in the mid-80s - essays and regular columns on size acceptance issues in several organizational newsletters. In the early 90s, I started getting paid for that kind of thing. I also started writing - and selling - short fiction.

Published stories to date:

"Yearbride", Snows of Darkover anthology, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Editor: My first professional fiction sale, to the woman whose works got me hooked on fantasy in the first place.

"Porter Piedmont and the Office Party Santa", originally written for the November/December '92 issue of Rump Parliament Magazine, and so well-received that it was reprinted a few years later. It appeared on BOOKFACE.COM during that endeavor's brief and glorious life, was included in The Folly of Assumption collection, and is available again in Bard's Road.

"Porter Piedmont's Not-So-Wonderful Life". Sequel to the above story, published in Rump Parliament Magazine, on BOOKFACE.COM. in the Folly collection, and in Bard's Road.

"Mrs. Bailey's Harp", Zone 9 Magazine, May '96 issue, John Peyton, Editor, and BOOKFACE.COM, and was also included in the Hell Hath No Fury... collection from Yard Dog. It is included in Bard's Road.

"The Impression of Power", first appeared in Sword & Sorceress XIV, Marion Zimmer Bradley with Rachel Holmen, Editors, and subsequently on BOOKFACE.COM. I still don't know how I managed to sell an "Arthurian" story to the woman who wrote The Mists of Avalon. This one also appeared in To Stand As Witness, my second collection from Yard Dog Press, and is in the To Stand As Witness audiochapbook CD and Bard's Road trade paperback from HarpHaven Publishing.

"What Goes Around...", another holiday offering (the holiday being celebrated was Halloween) in Rump Parliament Magazine. and on BOOKFACE.COM. It was also included in the Folly collection and is available again in Bard's Road.

"Neighborhood Watch", Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Issue #40, illustrated by Vincent Di Fate: A story that combined size acceptance and fantasy, and introduced a fat, fiesty and toothsome heroine into SF&F. The readers of BOOKFACE.COM apparently liked this one, too; it stayed in the top spots on the Horror Top Ten for quite a while, and was climbing the ranks again when the site met its demise. It also was included in the Folly collection, and is included in Bard's Road.

"Hell Hath No Fury...", Sword & Sorceress XVII anthology, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Editor: The first of my "Copperwood Bard" stories to see publication. It was the title story of my third YPD collection, and was included in Unconventional Fantasy: In Celebration of Forty Years of the World Fantasy Convention. It also appears in Bard's Road.

"That Which Feeds The Soul", a short fantasy about misconceptions and marriage. Published for the first time on BOOKFACE.COM, and released in 2001 in the print anthology Outside The Box: The Best of Bookface.Com, edited by Lou Anders. It was also included in Hell Hath No Fury... from from Yard Dog, and Bard's Road from HarpHaven Publishing.

"Doin' The Drive-In", co-authored with Bradley H. Sinor, a curious bit of weirdness involving eggs rolls, barbecue sauce, sex and violence in Selina Rosen's Bubbas of the Apocalypse, May 2001.

"The Folly of Assumption", the lead-off story for the June 2001 collection of the same name from Yard Dog Press. A veteran assassin's assignment is foiled by her intended victim...or is it?. Available again in Bard's Road.

"Scarborough Fairy", Kinships Magazine, Issue #4. RenFaires, Irish stepdance, magic and an unusual take on fairies. Appeared again in Hell Hath No Fury...: Five Bardic Tales from Yard Dog Press, and Bard's Road from HarpHaven Publishing.

"Metal and a Man of Good Heart", (To Stand as Witness, Yard Dog Press, April 2002). The finding of it is legend. Now comes a tale of its creation. Another of the stories I read on the audiochapbook CD. and featured in Issue #13 of the podcast magazine Sci Fi Traveling Road Show. Available again in Bard's Road.

"To Stand As Witness At The End", (To Stand as Witness, Yard Dog Press, April 2002). Also can be heard read by the author on the audiochapbook from HarpHaven Publishing. It is included in Bard's Road.

"Queen's Bard", (Hell Hath No Fury...: Five Bardic Tales, Yard Dog Press, May 2003). Part of the Bard's Road collection.

"Promise and Pledge", (Elysian Fiction Issue #4, May 2003). A tale of old love and tough decisions. Included in Bard's Road

"Spinacre's War", (Low Port, edited by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, Meisha Merlin Publishing, August 2003). My first sale of something science fictional, on the theme of being careful who and what you throw away as "useless". Available again in Bard's Road.

"Widder Liggett And The Breath O' God" (Four Bubbas Of The Apocalypse, Selina Rosen, Editor,Yard Dog Press, 2004). Pass the BBQ sauce and hunker down for a tasty tale. There's a brand new anti-Yumbie weapon in the wilds of North Carolina.

"Combat Shopping", (Turn The Other Chick. Esther Friesner, Editor, Baen, 2004) For a heroically-proportioned woman warrior, battles are easy. It's buying new armor that's hard. Available again in Bard's Road.

"Necessity And The Mother", (Sword and Sorceress XXI, Diana Paxson, Editor, DAW, 2004) - Banning weapons and armor of steel from Hemfrock may not have been the smartest move the spellcasters could have made. Included in Bard's Road.

"The Bubba of DunTrune", co-written with Bradley H. Sinor, (International House of Bubbas. Selina Rosen, Editor, Yard Dog Press,.2005) Penn and Raven together again, this time in the Highlands of Scotland.

"Blinket's Dilemma", (Flush Fiction, Selina Rosen, Editor, Yard Dog Press April 2006) Such a tiny village, such big problems. Included in Bard's Road.

"Act of War", (Lorelei Signal edited by Carol Hightshoe, April-June 2006 issue.) Also appears in A Time To...: Best of Lorelei Signal 2006 and Bard's Road. In war, any war, there are common tactics and common cruelties. This time around, there's uncommon resistence.

"In The House of Sisters",(Sorcerous Signals, edited by Carol Hightshoe, February - April 2007 There is power is sisterhood. But what happens when it's not enough? Appeared in Arcane Whispers: The Best of Sorceress Signals 2007, edited by Carol Hightshoe and published by Wolfsinger Press, and available again in Bard's Road.

"Old Age And Sorcery", (Catopolis, edited by Maritin Greenberg and Janet Deaver-Pack. DAW, Dec. 2008). Life as a Free Cat was not without its dangers. Life in the Top Cat's Household held a whole different set. Included in Bard's Road.

"Nimue And The Mall Nymphs", (Witch Way To The Mall, edited by Esther Friesner,. Baen, May 2009). There were times when Nimue mourned the loss of "survival of the fittest" as a teaching tool for the young. One of the stories included in Bard's Road.

"Lady Blaze", (Warrior Wisewomen 2, edited by Roby James, Norilana Books, June 2009). A star-faring bordello, a madam who tells it like it is, and space pirates! One of the stories included in Bard's Road.

"Sarah Bailey and the Texas Beauty Queen", (Fangs For The Mammaries, edited by Esther Friesner, Baen, September 2010). Househunting with the wrong real estate agent can suck the life right out of you. Included in Bard's Road.

"The Lady Of Trade Town", (The Ladies of Trade Town, HarpHaven Publishing, June 2011). Yes, I edited the anthology, but I wrote the song and I reserved the right to write the story. One of the stories included in Bard's Road.

"Sword's Edge", (Bard's Road, HarpHaven Publishing, 2014). She had the courage to die, but did she have the courage to live?

"Passions of Youth", (Bard's Road, HarpHaven Publishing, 2014). Nothing confuses a passionate young heart quite so much as passion.

"The Harperwoman and the Queen of Fools", (Bard's Road, HarpHaven Publishing, 2014). History doesn't always tell the whole story.

"To Walk A Bard's Road" (Bard's Road, HarpHaven Publishing, 2014). To win her Name and place, Llyra had to do the impossible.

"...And Your Enemies Closer", (Chicks and Balances, edited by Esther M. Friesner and John Helfers, Baen Books, July 2015) Horatia The Heroic rides again, and this time she's been partnered with a mage!


So...what does one do with twenty years of experience editing publications of one form or another, a respectable track record as a writer of fantasy, national recognition as a size issues activist, the desire to keep the tradition of "open reads" alive and an idea for an anthology with heroes and heroines the likes of which have never been seen before? One throws both caution and common sense to the winds and pitches the aforementioned anthology to a publisher.

The publisher was, of course, Meisha Merlin, the nutcase..errr.. visionary was your humble servant, and the anthology, as you probably know by now, is Such A Pretty Face: Tales of Power and Abundance.

(Cover Art by Doug Beekman)

Released in May 2000, it continues to be well-received and enjoyed, which pleases me no end.

(Cover Art and Design by Melanie Fletcher)

The Ladies of Trade Town (HarpHaven Publishing, June 2011). An anthology of science fiction, fantasy, and related genre short stories and novelettes about the"the world's oldest profession".

Single Author Collection

Bard's Road: The Collected Fiction of Lee Martindale (HarpHaven Publishing, 2014) Twenty-nine stories from the first almost-quarter century of a career. Cover art by Melanie Fletcher.


(ISBN: 0-9779051-0-1)

Over the years, I've had numerous requests for recordings of me reading my work, and frequent queries as to whether any of my stories came in audiobook format. Most often, the story prompting the requests and queries has been "To Stand As Witness At The End". I consider it one of my best to date, and one of my better "performance" pieces. So this collection of three Arthurian pieces seemed like the natural choice for the first offering from my new venture.

That cover drawing, by the way, is by the multi-talented Laura J. Underwood.


Before there was Such A Pretty Face, there was Rump Parliament, a bi-monthly magazine for people "Working To Change The Way Society Treats Fat People". It served as a gathering place for readers fighting one of the last safe prejudices, a teaching tool for new activists, and a platform for the voices that spoke so eloquently against discrimination on the basis of weight and body size.

Prejudice By The Pound: Collected Essay From the Size Rights Movement gathers together, for the first time, essays and editorials I wrote over the course of ten years as Rump Parliament's Founding Publisher & Editor. Part snapshot of a ten-year period of a human rights movement, and unfortunately, still relevant today.

"The Good Guest Primer", (The SFWA Bulletin, Jean Rabe, Editor. January 2012). Some of the things that science fiction and fantasy conventions look for when putting together their guest lists.



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