Change Happens - Again

Last week, a nearly twenty-year association with SFFNet ended when that much-loved online home for writers, editors, and fans of SF&F closed it doors for the final time. Just now, a ten-plus year association ended when I deleted my account at LiveJournal.

LiveJournal was my first blog account and served me pretty well. I enjoyed reading posts from my friends and fans, and used it to keep them in the loop about developments in my professional and personal life. But little by little, it was dying. And then the rumors and reports that it had been sold to a Russian company began a few months ago.

This morning, I signed on as usual, and was presented with a “Thou Shalt Not Pass Unless You Sign The New User Agreement” pop-up. Said agreement was a translation, the agreement was governed by the laws of the Russian Federation, and the provisions, to my eye, were unacceptable. I responded the only way that felt right. Goodbye, LiveJournal.

Bard’s Fire becomes my only blog, running on my own domain. Let’s built a new community and welcome those who find their way here from there.