The Dragon On My Horizon

In a few short weeks, I’ll be heading for the biggest party of my convention year. I’ve said before, and will say again, that I love DragonCon. There will come a time when I can’t handle it physically, when I’m no longer of interest or useful to the folks who make the calls on invitations, when the idea of the crowds and logistics prompt me to crawl back into bed instead of grabbing my suitcases. But 2017 is not that time, and I can’t wait.

I’ve received my tentative schedule and, while it comes with the caveat that there could be changes, additions, etc., it’s a winner.

Friday, September 1

1:00pm: Panel: Research: You Gotta Do It. Lee Martindale (M), Margaret S. McGraw, James Palmer, Elizabeth Moon, William Alan Webb. Write-up: “What are good sites for research? How much do you do before you write, or during?”

2:30pm: Reading

As I usually do, I’m planning to give those in attendance the choice of what they want to hear. But one of the choices may be the first chapter of Camino UnReal.

11:30pm: Panel: Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Sascha Illyvich, Lee Martindale (M). The write-up: “LGBTQIA is one of the hottest "trends" in fiction today and is still defining itself. How do you find your place in this great, emerging market?”

Yeah, I know. Way past this old gal’s usual bedtime. But there’s plenty of time for a nap after my reading, and it should be a spirited discussion.

Saturday, September 2

1:00pm: Panel: Significant Short Stories. Lee Martindale (M), Atlanta Radio Theatre Company, Amy J. Murphy, Lou Antonelli. The write-up: “Our panelists discuss short stories that made or are making a significant impact on the field.”

7:00pm: Dragon Con Guest of Honor Banquet.

A lovely evening recognizing the Guests of Honor and recipients of the Eugie Foster Award for Short Fiction, the Julie Award, and the Hank Reinhardt Fandom Award. I’m quite pleased to be going this year.

Sunday, September 3

1:00pm: Autograph Session

DragonCon autograph sessions are always fun, and a great opportunity to catch up with folks I wouldn’t otherwise see during the convention.

Monday, September 4

11:30am: Panel: Ask Us Anything. John D. Ringo, Jane Yolen, Lee Martindale (M), Jerry Pournelle, Mercedes Lackey. The write-up: “Writers and authors gather to answer any questions you have that might not have been answered during the rest of the convention.”

This one’s going to be fun!

The non-scheduled schedule – meals with friends, panels I want to see, etc., is already starting to populate. Thursday evening, I’m helping one of the tracks train volunteers by being the “stunt wheelie”. For the first time since I’ve been going to DragonCon, the BritTrack is in the Hilton, a hotel I can get to via the Habitrail system, and I’m hoping to catch some of the panels. And there’s likely other mischief I can get into.

Who am I kidding? Of *course*, there will be mischief. It’s DragonCon!

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