Virtually Conventional

We’ve always known that the genre community is resilient and inventive, and 2020 has gone a long way toward illustrating that. Con-runners, creatives, and fans coming together in virtual versions of conventions have been a joy to see. I’ve had the pleasure of working a couple of panels for Con-Tinual and, between Sept 21 - Sept 27, I’ll be a happy participant in the online version of Imagination on the Accelevents platform. My schedule looks like a lot of fun.

(All start times are Eastern Time Zone. All panels except the Workshop are 1 hour.)

Monday, Sept 21

8:00pm: “Submissions”. How to submit to a press, writing the perfect cover letter, pitches, and much more. Panelists: Lee Martindale (M), Michele Sagan, Lynn Slaughter, RJ Sullivan, Morgan Hazelwood.

Thursday, Sept 24

7:00pm: “Well, That Was Short”. Writing the perfect story, that is short and leaves the readers wanting more. Panelists: Lee Martindale (M), Lee E.E. Stone, Sela Carsen, Kathryn Sullivan.

Friday, Sept 25

10:00am: “How To Be A Good Panelist”. Many writers will tell you that being on a panel is great in terms of gaining new readers. Being a good panelist does the same for gaining new fans and a go-to reputation among convention-runners. Our experienced panelists offer hints, tips, and things to avoid for those new or newish to being a panelist. Panelists: Lee Martindale (M), Paul J.Hoffman, Lynn Slaughter, Carma Haley Shoemaker, Daniel Dark.

Saturday, Sept 26

11:00am: “Interview with a Writer”. Join in this discussion to hear the hardest and greatest aspects about being a writer. Questions from the audience are welcome. Panelists: Lee Martindale (M), Anne Marie Lutz, Tommy B. Smith, F. Paul Wilson, Anna Bowman.

3:00pm: WORKSHOP: “Writing Killer Openings”. No matter the genre, medium, or whether you’re writing short form or long, a killer opening line and a solid hook can grab the attention and increase the odds of making a sale. Writer, editor, and publisher Lee Martindale will help you develop that ‘killer opening’ with live exercises & professional critiques. (Attendees please have writing supplies with you.)

Sunday, Sept 27

1:00pm: “Contracts: The Good, The Bad, And the Oh-HECK-No”. Even with an agent, one should read the contract for a sale for it’s signed. The panel offers tips and cautions about the kind of clauses that should be included and clauses that should prompt negotiation or a hasty retreat. Panelists: Lee Martindale (M), Eric Moser, Paul J. Hoffman, Carma Haley Shoemaker/

3:00pm: “Everything You Wanted To Know About The Writing Business And Weren’t Afraid To Ask”. A panel of experienced writers, editors. and publishers answers questions from the audience. Panelists: Lee Martindale (M), Tony Acree, Gery Deer, Janie Franz, James Hunter, Carol Preflatish.

5:00pm: “Tips from an Editor”. Learn editing tips from seasoned editors and why not to self edit. Panelists: H.R. Raymer (M), Lee Martindale, Dionne Lister, Kelly Ferguson, Kristina Kaye.

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