Such A Pretty Face, Edited by Lee Martindale -Trade Paperback

  • Such A Pretty Face, Edited by Lee Martindale -Trade Paperback

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(Meisha Merlin Publishing, ISBN: 978-18920652-8-5, 314 pages)

Trade Paperback Edition

Think all heroes have washboard abs? Think all heroines wear Size 3 Junior Petite? Think again! Come join Gene Wolfe, Elizabeth Anne Scarborough, Jane Yolen, Jody Lynn Nye, and Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, who along with nineteen other authors, introduce you to some of the funniest, wildest, sexiest, most powerful, and normal (considering these are science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories) fat people on earth and a few other planets. Meet a pirate named "Valkyrie" and a cardsharp named "Fat Moriah". Meet a xeno-fitness instructor and an earth-mage who don't apologize for taking up space. Meet fat cats on a mission and a very different kind of vampire. Meet characters for whom "plus-size" is about body size and heart. Brought together in this first-of-its-kind collection are stories that raise the set point on adventure and redraw the picture of "the hero" along the way. Tales of power and abundance that prove that heroes and heroines come in all sizes.

Edited by Lee Martindale, cover art by Doug Beckman.

Product Code978-18920652-8-5
ManufacturerMeisha Merlin Publishing

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