On The Road Again

On the one hand, I’m happy to begin my 2020 convention schedule and looking forward to the fun that is AnachroCon. On the other hand, I’m sad that this will be the final year for that lovely convention. But it will be going out in style - 1920s style. Flappers and Speakeasies and Mobsters, Oh MY!

When not on a panel, I’ll be spending as much time as possible at my spot in the Dealer Room, selling the limited number of books I can when flying a trip, and enjoying visits and conversations with those who stop by.

Here are my assignments for Programming, and they look like fun. Unless otherwise noted, all panels are 50 minutes in length.

Friday, Feb. 14

5:00pm - How To Write Effective Villains: Villains can be fun to write, do wonders for plot advancement and character development, and turn into fan favorites. Panelists: Taylor S. Hoch, Lee Martindale (M), Matthew Quinn, Bill Ritch

6:00pm - Opening Ceremonies: Let’s get this party officially started!

7:00pm - That Took Me Out Of The Story! How to avoid losing your readers.: You can’t foresee what might disconnect a reader from your story, but there are some common trip points. Panelists: Lee Martindale, Cecilia Dominic (M), Jo Scott

Saturday, Feb. 15

3:00pm - How To Research Effectively. We discuss how to get the details right without wandering in the wastelands or becoming ensnared. Panelists: Lee Martindale (M), Matthew Quinn, Cecilia Dominic

Sunday, Feb. 16

11:00am - "How I Did It" Different Writers Do Different Stuff, Differently. We discuss and compare our methodology.

1:00pm - Give the Princess a sword! Writing Heroes That Aren't Dudes: It starts with writing a believable female first. Panelists: Mandy & GD Burkhead, Dennis Medbury, Lee Martindale (M)

3:00pm - Closing Ceremonies